Lake Creek Greenway Partnership

“There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other and the relation of people to the land [and water]” Aldo Leopold

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Why A Greenway

With the rapid urbanization of our area we are losing our ties to the land. Careless disposal of trash and poorly designed businesses, residential developments and sewage treatment plants are significant contributors to the degradation of local waterways.  This has implications for our health and the health of the natural systems we depend on. Lake Creek and it’s associated watersheds contain some of the few water bodies in the area that meet national standards for contact recreationPicture7_sm and aquatic life. Situated in one of the fastest developing parts of the state, these bottomlands and riparian areas offer local recreational and ecological services not easily replaced. Preservation of these floodplains and wise development practices will yield dividends in resident health, local recreational and business opportunities as well as reduced future remediation costs.

Numerous studies have shown that exposure to nature and/or natural settings has measurable positive effects on recovery from illness, performance in schools and behavior. Creating accessible natural areas adjacent to or within population centers makes it more likely that residents will use them. At the same time, natural areas in combination with sustainable development and land use practices help preserve water and air quality and have a monetary value. A 2013 study by the Texas A&M Forest Service has shown that the services provided by trees in bottomland forests can have values exceeding other uses even before potential recreational value and business benePicture6_smfits are considered. Finally, these forests and related stream in association with the uplands at Jones State Forest offer opportunities for birding, hiking and boating can be promoted as a tourist draw that will improve local business opportunities.

The Lake Creek Greenway Partnership was formed to work with area property owners, businesses, developers, government, other non-profits and residents to help preserve floodplain systems, improve recreational and business opportunities while improving understanding of the benefits of wise development practices and the services provided by the creek and adjacent floodplain. Our mission statement, objectives, planned projects and organizational information are summarized on the about us page.